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On deck: August 7th
Title Author(s) / Editor(s) / Translator(s) Category Description
corpse whale dg nanouk okpik, author Poetry "... a collection of poems that are steeped in the perspective of an Inuit of the twenty-first century — a perspective that is fresh, vibrant, and rarely seen in contemporary poetics."
The Hollow Places T. Kingfisher, author Fiction: horror "Pray they are hungry. Kara finds the words in the mysterious bunker that she's discovered behind a hole in the wall of her uncle's house."
Visionary Fictions : Apocalyptic writing from Blake to the modern age Edward J. Ahearn, author Nonfiction "Beginning with the appearance of visionary writing in the work of William Blake, Ahearn traces the development of the form in texts by widely scattered authors writing in French, German, and English"