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TitleMummy Eaters
Author(s) / Editor(s) / Translator(s) / Illustrator(s)Sherry Shenoda, author
Description"Sherry Shenoda's collection… follows in the footsteps of an imagined ancestor, one of the daughters of the house of Akhenaten in the Eighteenth Dynasty, Egypt. Shenoda forges an imagined path through her ancestor's mummification and journey to the afterlife. Parallel to this exploration run the implications of colonialism on her passage."
Start Date2022-11-22
StatusIn progress; p. 18 / 104
End Date
TitleMother: Tales of Love and Terror
Author(s) / Editor(s) / Translator(s) / Illustrator(s)Willow Dawn Becker, editor;
Christi Nogle, editor
Description"Mothers protect, nurture, love, and adore...but what if they are more than just their title? In these 33 stories and poems, we examine what motherhood is and explore mothers of all kinds."
Start Date2022-11-16
StatusIn progress; p. 62 / 316
End Date
TitleThe Chinese Eye: An Interpretation of Chinese Painting
Author(s) / Editor(s) / Translator(s) / Illustrator(s)Chiang Yee, author
Description"The Chinese Eye describes the intimate connection which philosophy and religion—as well as poetry—have with painting in traditional China…"
Start Date2022-11-07
StatusIn progress; p. 161 / 239
End Date